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Financial guidance to help you...

Enjoy Life to the Fullest

And Write the Perfect Next Chapter to Your Story

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Providing Fiduciary Financial Guidance
To Individuals in Tampa Bay and Virtually Nationwide

At Southshore Financial Planning, we deliver tailored solutions to help clients enjoy their life to the fullest and discover what that means to them. Our goal is to help you live a life of purpose and leave a legacy of meaning through dedicated financial planning and investment management strategies that are personalized to your needs, goals and lifestyle.

So, How Are We Different?

We Focus On:





Proactive Tax


Flat Fee 


We aim to ensure that you can enjoy life with adequate resources,
alongside addressing the importance of the legacy you’ll leave.

While Our Capabilities Are Extensive, It’s Important to Note What We Don’t Do as a Firm

Sell Annuities, Life Insurance or Any Insurance Products

We have the experience and expertise to provide guidance to you on evaluating options of new or current policies if there is an insurance need.

Act as a Brokerage Company or Bank

We do not derive revenue from uninvested cash sitting in your accounts. We provide our clients with guidance on current market interest rates so they can maximize interest in savings and minimize interest they pay on loans.

Require Our Clients to Have Us Manage Their Investments

We offer the flexibility to work with us in a planning-only relationship.

Require Our Clients to Replace Any of Their Outside Professionals

We have outside alliances with third parties in the areas of tax, law and insurance but are happy to work directly with your existing network.

Have Minimum Account or Household Asset Sizes to Work With Us

We believe everyone is entitled to sound financial advice provided by a dedicated CFP® practitioner that can meet in-person regardless of their net worth.

What We Value:

Fiduciary | Transparency | Simplicity


As a firm, we always act in the best interest of our clients. This means providing unbiased recommendations that are designed to enhance their financial well being and understanding.


With a flat, fee-only pricing structure, we are adamant about providing transparency from the start of our relationship. The advice we give to our clients is truly valuable and we want our costs to reflect that.


Our goal is to take complex financial topics and articulate them in an easy to understand manner so that you can feel empowered to make beneficial decisions. Through clarity and education, we all win in the long run.

Let’s Begin by Defining Your Next Chapter

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