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Proudly Transparent
Costs and Conversations

Our Fees Are Straightforward
And Easy to Understand

Southshore Financial Planning is a fee-only firm. As such, we receive compensation from the fees paid directly to us by clients. This eliminates the possibility of compensation from referral arrangements, commissions, fund sales load or other sales-related compensation. Ultimately, we’re able to better serve you with your best interests in mind.

What Are Our Options to Work Together?

Comprehensive Financial Planning 

$183 - $375 per month

Comprehensive Financial Planning + Investment Management

$580 - $1,625 per quarter

Hourly Financial Planning

$250 per hour

Project-Based Planning

$250 - $7,500 per project

The Value of Our Services
Is Exemplified in Our Pricing

At Southshore, we believe flat pricing is often better because of its fairness and transparency. In our opinion, it shouldn’t cost you 94% more for the management of a $500,000 versus $1,000,000 portfolio. Take a look at how our costs compare to industry averages.





Southshore Financial Planning:
Financial Planning + Investment Management





Industry Average Assets Under Management

$5,250 (1.05%)

$10,200 (1.02%)

$14,100 (.94%)

$18,200 (.91%)

Our goal as a firm is to provide services in your best interest - and that begins with honesty from the start. Should you have any questions about the prices of our services, we encourage you to contact us to set up an appointment.