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A Personalized Experience
For Individuals and Their Families

Our Clients Motivate Our Planning Process

The planners at Southshore have worked with over 1,000 individuals and families across the country. Of the clients we’ve worked with, there have been a few common interests including:

Wanting to Enjoy the Second Half of Their Lives
By Doing What They Love

As a team, we view our responsibility to our clients as helping them identify what “life to the fullest” means to them and craft a plan to have the resources to enjoy it.

Having a Strong Desire to Be Remembered
Either In Their Lifetime or the Legacy They Leave

We assist clients in identifying, planning and implementing ideas in the most tax-efficient way so they can maximize their wishes and author the financial chapters of their life story.

We Tend to Work With Individuals and Families That Are:

retired couple on vacation

In Retirement

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older businessman in office

Nearing Retirement (50+)

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middle-aged business associates meeting together

Starting to Think More About Retirement (40+)

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